CDM Advisory Services

CDM Advisory Services

CDM Advisory Services are an integral part of Mason Clark Associates Professional Service. Our team of Principal Designers enable Mason Clark Associates to provide Principal Designer services across a wide range of Building Construction and Civil Engineering projects.

We ensure the Principal Designer is appointed based on skill and experience of similar projects to demonstrate competency on a project by project basis to ensure that the most suitable resources are utilised to deliver best value.

We have senior staff with over 30 years experience in the design and construction of relevant projects.  We also have over 15 years of experience of carrying the role of Principal Designer for our wide range of clients.

Mason Clark Associates encourage design team co-operation, co-ordination and communication. Regular design team meetings are held to review all aspects of the design of the project including drawings, specifications, risk assessments etc. All designers are required to attend and contribute to the discussions. Actions are recorded and implemented to ensure designs are fully co-ordinated.

Meetings with client to provide advice and assistance; reviewing the construction phase plan on behalf of the client, checking welfare facilities and whether the Principal Contractor is complying with its management procedures identified in the construction phase plan on behalf of the client.

It is vital to be able to demonstrate that we do what we say we will do and this can be verified by our track record. We have an excellent record for Health and Safety - over 20 years of business without a single notifiable accident and no HSE notices on any of our projects.

Mason Clark Associates are Corporate Members of the Association of Project Safety, and staff are Registered Principal Designers with the Association.

We have obtained and maintain CHAS Accreditation for the company as a whole,  Principal Designer and CHAS Accreditation for the role of Principal Designer. To obtain this Accreditation all our Health and Safety documents and procedures have been independently audited.

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