Party Wall Surveys

Mason Clark Associates has extensive experience in the field of Building Surveying and currently carrying out a variety of construction and property related services and with membership of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors, the professional body in this field, our staff can provide specialist services in the application of The Party Wall (etc.) 1996 Act.

The provisions of this Act have a number of substantial implications in repair/refurbishment of properties and many new build construction projects nationwide. If a project involves works to the Party Wall/Party Structure and/or excavation within 3 to 6m distance of an adjacent property then the requirements of the Party Wall Act will come into force.

Mason Clark Associates can provide Building Owners and Adjoining Owners with initial advice on their rights and obligations under the legislation. We can issue all the relevant notices, prepare schedules of condition and formulate and publish Awards under the Act.

Party Walls and Structures separating ownership of property can be a very sensitive area with the potential for disputes to arise. Utilising their experience, the qualified professionals from Mason Clark will liaise with all parties to ensure that matters are resolved in an efficient and cost effective way.

If you are unsure if the Act applies, please contact us for free initial advice, our surveyors will act with impartiality and with full adherence to the provisions of the Act. Any potential areas of dispute can be resolved and legally recorded. This will allow an agreed method for progress of the works without delay due to unreasonable objection from another party.


Pocklington Arts Centre

Pocklington Arts Centre

Mason Clark Associates were commissioned to act as Project Manager, Principal and Lead Designer for this project, carrying out all the NEC3 contract administration under the YorBuild framework as well as all planning and building control submissions. Structural engineering, listed building works and Party Wall services were also provided for this refurbishment of the Pocklington Arts Centre. Learn more.