Condition Surveys

Mason Clark offer condition surveys on many types of properties and are all individually tailored to suit the client's needs.

The object of the survey usually dictates the format of the survey.  For example, if the client wishes to explore a defect, a narrative style is appropriate.  Alternatively if a bench mark of condition is required, a tabular format is more suited and facilitates the easy addition of costings which can be prepared over a given period of time.

The age of the building also has a major bearing on the type of survey offered.  For example, if the client is purchasing a Victorian town house, this would be a different format to that suitable for a large concern venue.

Our surveyors have experience with many building types and can advise on the type of survey suitable. Some of the types of buildings we have experience in includes the following:

Housing, offices, multi storey, health buildings, food manufacture, prisons, concert venues, sports stadiums, leisure centres, worship halls, schools, morgues, industrial buildings, retail shops and banks, MOD Buildings.


Stock Condition Surveys

Stock Condition Surveys

Mason Clark Associates are appointed to undertake stock condition surveys of approximately 9,000 of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s housing stock individual dwellings. These stock condition surveys are internal and external on approximately 2000 properties per annum. Learn more.