Eppleworth Road Storage Lagoons

Following severe flooding in the urban area around Cottingham and North Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire Council commissioned Mason Clark Associates to develop a scheme to reduce flood risk to a large number of properties.

Mason Clark Associates undertook a feasibility study  which included a detailed surface water model of the area to establish the volumes of water that flow down the Raywell Valley and enter the urban area along Eppleworth Road. The proposals put forward a solution that utilises a series of water storage lagoons adjacent to the road which collect the water flowing down the valley. Surface water flows into the lagoons by gravity and is only allowed to flow out of the lagoons at a very slow rate. The system is capable of storing 30,000 cubic metres of water and works automatically with no need for pumps or valve control.

The lagoons were completed in 2010 and have been called into action twice already demonstrating that flood risk has been reduced significantly.  

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Eppleworth Road Storage Lagoons Eppleworth Road Storage Lagoons Eppleworth Road Storage Lagoons