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A Lesson Learned

15th October 2012

A Lesson Learned

Following the roof collapse at the FC Twente Stadium in Holland back in 2011, the Dutch authorities responded swiftly to ensure that there would be no repeat of this incident. SCOSS  have published a paper explaining why it all went wrong and what should have happened to avoid this. Please see the SCOSS Topic paper FC Twente stadium roof collapse for further details
Courtesy of Alastair Soane: Director, Structural-Safety

Building Surveying New Addition

9th October 2012

Building Surveying New Addition

We're delighted to have Steve Hunt back with us in our Building Surveying Team. Steve ‘s first experience of Mason Clark was back in 2008-2009 when he came to us on a work placement before going on to Sheffield Hallam University where he graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Building Surveying.

Shortly after graduating Steve organised a challenging charity event across Europe which was swiftly followed by another charity bike ride last year.

Steve went on to find work but left his job for a dramatic turn in career. Steve was offered a job in the South of France providing a provisioning service to Super Yachts across the Mediterranean on a 5 month contract which was to run until the end of September. As you can imagine, working for some of the wealthiest people in the world meant that some of the clients’ demands were rather bizarre and of course, money was no object!

Recently an opportunity arose in our Building Surveying Team and it was thought Steve would be the ideal candidate. So following a telephone call from Mason Clark Steve had to choose between living and working in the South of France or Hull!?! Luckily for us he made the right decision!

Welcome back Steve!

Raw deal for Olympic Engineers

2nd October 2012

Raw deal for Olympic Engineers

We have to agree with the lead story ' A grand victory for the Insitution's Olympic campaign' from the IStructE September newsletter that we have had a bit of a raw deal as Structural Engineers simply because we have been unable to shout about fact that we have been involved with, in our view, the best ever Olympic Games this county has ever seen.

A film, made by Palio Films Director, Bruno Sorrentino, is currently being shot at the Olympic Stadium to at least recognise (better late than never!) the different feats of engineering at the site which have enabled these magnificent games to go ahead.

For the full article from the IStructE, please see the link below:’s-olympic-camp

Made in Britain

14th September 2012

Made in Britain

It’s all over now, but we’re proud to have been part of the ‘best Olympic and Paralympic Games ever’. Some of our team were lucky enough to be able to cheer on our athletes at both the Olympic and Paralympic Games and we’ve all been inspired and simply not stopped talking about it since.

Our involvement with the games has been from the very beginning designing many of the contractors’ site accommodation buildings and temporary viewing areas right the way through to temporary structures at the venues.

We designed a two storey temporary media building and offices for the Water Polo Centre which had to accommodate high services loads. The foundations for the main water polo building had been constructed some time before our involvement and so we had to make sure there was no undue differential settlement between the two structures.

At the Aquatics Centre we designed a temporary athletes assembly building and a media hub. Both used demountable timber frames with timber panel walls. The buildings were located under the temporary seating tiers and had to be constructed on lightweight rafts to span over the complex main building foundations and host of underground services.

Along the top of the main grandstand at the Riverbank Arena was a media centre constructed from modular units with full height glazing facing the hockey pitch. The modules normally rely upon the walls for stability and so we had to carry out a stability assessment for the building and work closely with the grandstand designer to make sure the units were adequately supported.

With the world’s media at the games there was a need for a Media Catering Village to keep them all fed and watered. We designed a 3 storey temporary building with over 10,000 square metres of floor space to provide a 3,500 cover restaurant. The catering village linked to a concrete framed concourse and so we worked closely with the concourse designer to make sure there was no undue differential movement between the two structures.

Temporary buildings at Eaton Manor and the Greenwich Equestrian Centre were located on sloping sites. At both locations we designed demountable supporting gantries which had a minimal impact on the underlying ground.

Exam Success

21st August 2012

Exam Success

Following many sleepless nights and mountains of revision, Laura Norris is extremely pleased to have passed the IStructE Chartership exam and is looking forward to becoming a Chartered Member of the Institute of Structural Engineers this Autumn. Our congratulations to Laura - well done!

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